When I login into the online portal I see a message stating “Maximum allowed entries has been reached” but I have not submitted my application – what does this mean?
Businesses may only submit one entry per ABN. You will still be able to edit your application, but will not be allowed to start a second application under the same ABN.


Do I have to use the entire word count?
No – a word count is not a challenge! Use headings, dot points, space between paragraphs and keep it simple and concise. Use less words, but use them well – quality over quantity.

Do I have to address all the guiding questions?
No – the guiding questions are there as suggestions, if they are not relevant to your business you do not have to address them.

Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?
Yes – you may edit your application up until the close of applications at after 5.00PM AEST, Friday 27 August.

How do I format my application in Award Force?
When you type or cut-and-paste your entry into Award Force, normal Word style formatting will not apply. Award Force uses a system called ‘Markdown’ for content formatting across the system. CLICK HERE for instructions about how to create Headings, Bold, Italics, Bullet Points, Lists and Line Space using Markup.

Can I get an extension on the submission deadline?
No – the submission deadline is final and no extensions are available. The system will automatically prevent entry submission after 5.00PM AEST, Friday 27 August.


Which category should I enter?
Read the category descriptions carefully. If you are still unsure please see the Choosing your Category information for further assistance. If the judging panel believes strongly that you are better suited to a different category, they will contact you to discuss.

How do I calculate my business size?
Small is 0-4 employees FTE (Full Time Equivalent). That is, the number of employee payroll hours per week (both part time and full time) is equal to or less than 152 hours per week in total.
Large is 5+ employees FTE (Full Time Equivalent). That is, the number of employee payroll hours per week (both part time and full time) is equal to or greater than 153 hours per week in total.

(1 FTE = 38 payroll hours)


Is my business eligible if it is virtual/online?
Yes. As long as your business ABN and registered business address are located in the Noosa or Sunshine Coast LGA, you satisfy the criteria.


How many applicants make it to the finalist stage?
Applicants will only make it to the finalist stage if they submit outstanding applications that address the selection criteria. There is no set number of finalists per category.

How are finalists recognised?
Finalists will be listed on the website, and will receive a graphic to display on their website, emails, and/or social media platforms.


Who forms the judging panels?
Judges are invited to sit on the judging panel each year. All judges are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, and maintain high-levels of confidentiality. Judges are also asked to abstain from assessing any applications where there are perceived conflicts of interest. 


I was nominated for the Business Awards. What do I do now?
Congratulations! Being nominated does not automatically enter you into the Awards – and does not count towards your final result. It is now up to you to whether you apply or not. Being nominated means your nominator believes you are worthy of recognition.

Does my business have to be nominated to enter the Awards?
No. Nominations are not required for your business to enter the Awards.

Can I nominate my own business for the Awards?
We encourage you to! While third party nominations are welcome, it is quite normal for a business to self-nominate. No one knows how much you and your team deserve recognition as much as you!

Can I nominate a business for the Awards?
Absolutely! Anyone can nominate a business to enter the Awards and the identity of a nominator is not taken into account by the judges.

Can I nominate a business multiple times?
Nominations are emailed directly to the nominee. The number of nominations a business receives is not considered as part of the judging process. Businesses still have to apply for the awards if they are nominated – and may choose not to. Nominating a business multiple times simply means they receive multiple emails encouraging them to apply.


Can a sponsor apply to the Awards?
Yes. A sponsor can apply to the Business Awards. However, they cannot enter the category that they are sponsoring. No-one affiliated with their organisation will be assigned to the judging panel for that category.