Join our 2018 Sunshine Coast Business Awards Judging team, and help us recognise the Outstanding Businesses of the Sunshine Coast

The search for the outstanding businesses of the Sunshine Coast has begun, and we would like to invite the Sunshine Coast business community to consider submitting an expression of interest to be part of the 2018 judging team.

The Judging is divided into 2 phases:
1. Short listing (purpose: to short list the possible entrants to the best of the best)
2. Formal (purpose: to find the outstanding business in each category)

Each phase has 2 judging components within each:
1. Short listing judging has a Written component and a Mystery shop component, and
2. Formal judging has a Written component and an Interview component.

1. The time we would expect you to be required in either judging phases is estimated to be a maximum of 2 days. The dates relating to each judging phases are:
a. Short Listing between the 7th September and 17th September
b. Formal between 1st October and 12th October

2. Being part of the judging team will mean your business, any of your employees, immediate family members will not be eligible to enter the awards, and you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Expressions of interest are open until Friday 27th July.
Any enquiries please contact Jennifer Swaine on 0438 952 830.